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Is Mediation or Collaboration the Solution for Your Divorce?

If you and your spouse can stand to be in the same room together and to discuss your divorce issues, you may be able to obtain a divorce without ever setting foot inside a courtroom. Couples who are willing to work toward consensus on the essential aspects of their marriage dissolution — such as asset […]

Gray Divorce: Issues Older Couples Face When Their Marriage Ends

You might think divorce after 50 would be easier than it is at a younger age when couples are more likely to have small children and fewer assets. But divorce at a later age carries its own set of challenges, some of which you may not even experience until after the divorce judgment has been […]


Under California law, the Court must divide community assets and community liabilities equally between the parties, unless the parties sign an agreement, such as a Marital Settlement Agreement, that sets forth different terms.   If information regarding assets and liabilities is not readily available, or if the information provided by the other party is insufficient, or […]

Some Ways to Keep Your Legal Fees Low

The biggest complaint we hear from clients and lay people generally is that lawyers are very expensive.  It’s true that paying for a lawyer’s time can be costly.  However, there are things our clients can do to keep their fees down.  Here’s my list: 1.  Gather and provide the financial documents your attorney will need.  […]

Five Ways for Single Parents to Keep the Holidays More Calm and Less Conflicted

The holidays can be extra stressful for single parents, here are some suggestions about holiday parenting that I hope will help you create a wonderful holiday experience for your children. If you haven’t already done it, talk with your ex NOW about the holiday plans for your children. Even if you already have a schedule […]


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