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Williams Family Law blends extensive legal experience with compassionate counsel to guide clients through all types of family law conflicts. Whether you are ending a marriage, looking to establish paternity, or seeking protection from an abusive spouse, we can help. As a California Certified Family Law Specialist, Stephanie Williams will stand with you and use every legal means to pursue a favorable result.

Knowledgeable legal advice on all aspects of divorce cases

Along with family and financial concerns, uncertainty is one of the terrible consequences of divorce. At Williams Family Law, we understand that knowledge leads to confidence — that’s why we thoroughly answer any questions you might have about issues such as:

  • Premarital and postmarital agreementsPrenuptial and postnuptial agreements can make the process of divorce smoother and simpler.  These contracts allow future or former spouses to work out an agreement with respect to property division and other matters in advance of a formal dissolution proceeding.
  • Property division — As a community property jurisdiction, California divides the value of any marital assets equally. Certain items, such as an inheritance or gift to one spouse, might be separated from the community property calculation.
  • Annulment — In rare cases, the California family will nullify a marriage, meaning that for legal purposes, the marriage never occurred. Annulments are only available in certain circumstances, however, such as those involving fraud or misrepresentation or cases in which one spouse was too young to consent to marriage.
  • Spousal support — Commonly referred to as alimony, spousal support requires one divorcing spouse to pay the other, either in a lump sum or over time. Such payments, which are often temporary, are determined by factors such as income, the length of the marriage, the spouses’ ages and earning ability, and the amount of support provided by the lesser-earning spouse over the duration of the union.
  • Post-judgment modifications — Even after all the issues of divorce have been resolved, you may need to petition for a post-judgment modification when your circumstances change substantially. For example, a modification may be appropriate if a spouse who has been receiving financial support has become self-sufficient or a spouse paying support suffers a job loss.

For any of these legal issues, Williams Family Law provides compassionate, personalized advice based on current California law.

Helping parents in child custody, paternity and support disputes

Taking care of one’s children is the greatest responsibility of a parent. We always try to resolve matters of child support and child custody cooperatively, but we can argue strongly in court if the situation requires it. We can also advise you on paternity suits if you are seeking to establish a legal parental relationship. Paternity actions may be filed by the mother, the alleged father, or occasionally by the district attorney’s office.

Pursuing restraining orders in cases of domestic violence

If you are being threatened in your home by a partner, spouse, or former spouse, you need to seek help immediately, for your own safety and that of your children. We can obtain a restraining order to keep you from suffering more abuse. Conversely, if you are the subject of an unwarranted restraining order, we can also petition for its dismissal.

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