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Divorce Options

Williams Family Law is an experienced Sacramento divorce lawyer, and a Specialist in Family Law as certified by the California Board of Legal Specialization.  We practice family law respectfully, approaching each case with the knowledge that while traditional litigation if often necessary in some divorces, aggressive tactics and personal attacks rarely yield optimal results.  Where possible, we rely on alternative forms of dispute resolution such as mediation and collaborative law to help clients come to a mutual agreement without court involvement.


  • Unlike formal court proceedings, mediation involves an informal meeting between the divorcing spouses and a trained professional mediator.
  • Attorneys are not required to attend mediations, but spouses may choose to have their lawyers present in order to provide legal advice.
  • During the mediation, each spouse is able to have his or her voice heard, and the trained mediator helps the couple come to a mutually satisfactory agreement on the terms of the divorce, including such matters as property division, custody, and support matters.
  • Mediation tends to promote a respectful and functioning relationship between the divorcing spouses.
  • Mediation tends to reduce the financial cost of many divorces.  Any issues of divorce that can be resolved quickly and informally in mediation will not have to be litigated in family court, which will save time and money.
  • While mediation can be beneficial for all divorcing couples, those with children tend to find mediation especially helpful because it promotes a healthy and functional relationship between two people who will remain in contact in the future through their interactions with the children.  In fact, most jurisdictions require a custody mediation prior to any formal custody hearing in family court.

Collaborative Law

  • First developed in the early 1980s, collaborative law has evolved and gained a significant following of quality practitioners across the United States.
  • Collaborative law is also known as collaborative practice, collaborative divorce, “no-court divorce,” “divorce with dignity,” and “peaceful divorce.”
  • In a collaborative divorce, spouses work together with one another, their lawyers, and a team of experts to resolve property division, custody, support, and other divorce issues.
  • All issues are resolved outside of court.
  • According to the International Academy of Collaborative Professionals, core elements of the process include:
    • Negotiating a mutually acceptable settlement without having courts decide issues;
    • Maintaining open communication and information sharing; and
    • Creating shared solutions acknowledging the highest priorities for both parties.

Experienced Family Law Lawyer

If you are considering filing for a divorce, or if your spouse has initiated dissolution proceedings, an experienced family law attorney can guide you through the process and help reduce stress and confusion.  Although in some cases courtroom litigation may be inevitable, in many cases mediation or collaborative law can help couples resolve the issues of their divorce respectfully and efficiently.
Stephanie L. Williams, Attorney at Law, provides family law services to clients throughout Sacramento, Roseville, Elk Grove, Davis, Folsom, El Dorado Hills, Auburn, and the surrounding areas.  To learn how we can help with your divorce, contact us today.


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