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Morgan Montoya graduated from the University of California, Berkeley with a degree in psychology with an emphasis in early childhood development. While an undergraduate, Ms. Montoya volunteered with several different volunteer programs centered around youth. She was also an active member in the Prytanean Women’s Honor Society, the oldest collegiate women’s honor society in the United States.

Ms. Montoya went on to attended Golden Gate University School of Law in San Francisco, California where she graduated with a certification in family law and was a member of the Pro Bono Honor Society. During law school, Ms. Montoya had the opportunity to be sponsored as a Certified Law Student by one of San Francisco’s most admired Certified Family Law Specialists. As a Certified Law Student, Ms. Montoya litigated a breadth of family law matters including divorce, child custody, and spousal and child support.

From there, Ms. Montoya had the privilege of clerking for the Honorable Michael Isaku-Begert with the United Family Court of the Superior Court of California County of San Francisco, working specifically on family law matters. Additionally, Ms. Montoya spent a summer as an intern with the Sacramento Children’s Law Center where she advocated for Sacramento’s child welfare population. During her third year of law school, she traveled with a group of classmates to El Salvador to tour Centro ¡Supérate ADOC!, a Salvadorian school with the mission of teaching English language and computer skills to underprivileged Salvadorian youth. It was on this trip that Ms. Montoya met Mr. Montoya, also a student from Golden Gate University School of Law.

Ms. Montoya takes a genuine and passionate approach to representing her clients. She provides assertive but mindful representation. Ms. Montoya will represent your position with the conviction you personally feel, combined with the confidence, clarity, and calm one should expect from their attorney.

Ms. Montoya is an active member of the Sacramento County Bar Association and the California Young Lawyers Association.

Ms. Montoya is a dedicated wife and mom. Ms. Montoya has a fondness for the outdoors and the Yuba river. She enjoys glamping, Sunday brunch, drive-in movies, and crafting with her kids. She loves red wine and coffee with cream, no sugar.


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